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Announcing the official launch of the Hebrew-language website, Tasnim News Agency CEO Majid Qolizadeh said, “Although the number of Hebrew-speaking people around the world is not that large, the news agency Tasnim decided to create a website in Hebrew given the strategic importance that the question of Palestine has for the Islamic Republic of Iran and for Muslims around the world, and to publish reports relating to the question on this site.

Referring to the massive and systematic censorship of information about the Zionist regime and occupied Palestine around the world, he said: “The undeniable reality is that not only the peoples of the world have been deprived of the knowledge of the whole truth about the Occupied Palestine and the Zionist crimes, but the reports that are passed on even to residents of the occupied territories are largely manipulated and managed.

On the decision to unveil Tasnim’s Hebrew website on the anniversary of the criminal assassination that led to the martyrdom of General Soleimani, the CEO said: “The glorious martyr, Haj Qassem Soleimani, dedicated his life in the efforts for stability and calm. nations and the fight against cruelty and crime in the West Asian region. There is hardly any gesture that compares to the sanctity and impact of Haj Qassem’s measures. However, Tasnim does his best to follow the sacred path of Haj Qassem in the region, which seeks freedom and advocates justice for all people of various ethnicities, religions, interests and nationalities.

Regarding the target audience for Tasnim’s Hebrew website, Qolizadeh said, “Basically anyone who speaks Hebrew in the world can be part of the audience for the Tasnim News Agency’s Hebrew website. The new Tasnim News Agency team is trying to provide Hebrew speaking people outside the occupied territories with true and authentic information about what is happening inside the occupied territories and in other parts of the world, by especially in the region of West Asia. Tasnim tries to help the inhabitants of the occupied territories to learn more about the true nature and behavior of their rulers, to learn about the precarious and grim future of the usurpation and occupation of the land of a nation and on the crimes against them, and to receive more precise and genuine arguments and abilities from the enemies of the Zionist regime.

“The leaders of the Zionist regime are probably aware, far more than they claim, of the doomed fate of their tyrannies and are aware of the realities and capacities of their adversaries, including Iran. Yet they can be part of the audience group of the Tasnim News Agency’s Hebrew website to better understand the truth and what is happening in reality, ”he added.

The CEO also noted that in addition to launching a separate website under Tasnim’s domain, the Tasnim news agency’s Hebrew-speaking team has pages on social media Twitter and Instagram, through which the public can have access to the news feed.

Qolizadeh finally said that the Tasnim News Agency welcomes cooperation and synergy with all those familiar with this field for better and more efficient news services, and is ready to work with them.

The Tasnim News Agency Hebrew website is available at: www.tasnimnews.com/he

Tasnim’s Hebrew website Instagram page: @Tasnimnews_he

Tasnim’s Hebrew website Twitter page: @Tasnimnews_he

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