SIRCLES in Jordan has completed its first waste management training | Culture & Society

Ammon News – The first training of the SIRCLES project has been completed, a project that aims to produce organic fertilizers by recycling organic waste from hotels in the city of Aqaba, Jordan, neighbors reported.

38 participants (including 25 women, 13 men) were trained on the legal, economic and technical aspects of waste management, the circular economy and the biological treatment of organic waste. A practical implementation of compost production has also been included.

People not in employment, education and training (NEET) are the target group for training. Of the 38 participants, 14 do not have a higher education degree (37%), while the others have a bachelor’s degree and technical training. Only 2 training participants were employed (5%). Over 90% of participants said they were very satisfied with the training experience and results.

The SIRCLES project is implemented in Jordan by EDAMA, a professional energy, water and environment association, funded by a European Union grant of 3.8 million euros for a period of 30 months. It is also implemented by other partners in the Mediterranean countries, including Italy, Spain, Greece, Tunisia and Palestine.

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