Research could begin soon for New Rochester Schools Principal

Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) – The Rochester School Board may be ready to hire a research firm to begin the process of selecting a permanent superintendent.

The talks were conducted on Friday and could continue on Monday..

A spokeswoman for Rochester Public Schools said the talks would likely be concluded on Monday. If staff choose a company, the recommendation should be presented to the school board for review at its Tuesday meeting.

It may take at least a few months before the board is ready to hire a permanent superintendent.

Former Superintendent Michael Munoz resigned last June after holding the post for 10 years.

The board hired Kent Pekel as interim superintendent and said at the time he could hold the position for up to a year while he sought a permanent successor to Munoz.

Is Pekel interested in becoming a permanent superintendent? Asked by KROC AM News, he responded with this statement:

“I will refrain from commenting on the research process at this time. I don’t want my personal professional plans to become a distraction as we make tough decisions about keeping schools safe and open during the current COVID outbreak and so on. that we begin taking action at Tuesday’s school board meeting to address the major budget deficit facing the school district in 2022-23. ”

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