Palfest Sheffield festival celebrates the culture of Palestine with a mass dance event

Palfest Sheffield opens on June 14 with a talk and exhibition of photographs from Palestine, will celebrate food, dance, poetry, film, stories and more.

The Arts Council supported the event by helping to fund a mass participatory dabke dance performance at Barkers Pool, Sheffield. It is part of a day of events taking place in the city center on Saturday July 2nd. Dabke plays an important role in the festival. It is a traditional dance, frequently performed at weddings and celebrations across the Middle East.

In Palestine, this traditional dance has evolved to play a vital role in cultural expression and in the resilience of Palestinian communities.

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The dabke, which forms a key part of Palfest events in Sheffield, is a traditional Middle Eastern dance that is performed in Palestinian celebrations

One of the features of the festival is the partnership with the communities of Broomhall and Sharrow.

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In the community centers of each of these two areas, there will be a photographic exhibition, lectures, workshops on learning the basic steps of dabke, food and Arabic music. Alan Deadman, chairman of the festival’s organizing committee, said: “We are delighted to offer this opportunity for Sheffield to share some of the culture of this part of the Middle East and above all to work with two brilliant dancers to bring an incredible event in our downtown area.

“We are very grateful to the Arts Council and all our supporters for helping to make this festival possible.”

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