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Palestine Stories’ first film bundle includes award-winning titles like Like 20 Impossibles by Annemarie Jacir, The Crossing by May Odeh, 3000 Nights by Mai Masri, Divine Intervention by Elia Suleiman and A Man Returned by Mahdi Fleifel.

More films will be added in the coming weeks.

“Ultimately! A larger audience can have this exceptional opportunity to avoid all social obligations and watch my films excessively in one sitting,” said acclaimed director Fleifel, while thanking the main platform for this. which he described as “a great privilege”.

Fleifel is also known for directing A Drowning Man, Xenos and A World Not Ours.

Fellow Palestinian Odeh echoed Fleifel in expressing his gratitude “to finally have alternative Palestinian films available to a wide audience”, stating “all of us in the Palestinian film industry have been eager to share our story with the world at through our authentic creative productions as an alternative to news reports. “

Palestinian Stories also features the works of prolific directors like Susan Youssef, Farah Nabulsi and many more.

The collection explores multiple genres and styles that “showcase the depth and diversity of the Palestinian experience, exploring people’s lives, dreams, families, friendships and love,” according to Netflix.

“While these stories are distinctly and authentically Arabic, the themes are fundamentally human and will resonate with audiences around the world. That’s the real beauty of storytelling, ”commented Nuha El-Tayeb, director of MENAT content acquisitions at Netflix.

Palestinian Stories also includes Annemarie Jacir’s award-winning short film Like 20 Impossibles. It was the first short film from the Arab world to premiere at Cannes, becoming a national Oscar finalist.

All films include subtitles relevant to the countries where they are broadcast in Arabic.

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