NEPCO Executive Highlights Shift to Flexible Interconnect Systems | Culture & Society

Ammon News – A shift to a flexible power system and inter-country power connection systems is now a necessity for modern power systems, Amjad Rawashdeh, managing director of the National Electricity Company of Jordan (NEPCO), said Thursday.

Speaking at the MENA Europe Future Energy Dialogue (MEFED) conference, held at the Dead Sea under royal patronage, Rawashdeh said there is a global shift towards power interconnection systems and openness to new technologies and hydrogen markets, noting that NEPCO is currently working on a number of interconnection projects with Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. In addition, technical and feasibility studies are underway on pumped hydro storage technology and several smart grid and energy management projects.

He stressed the importance of forming interconnection systems in the Arab region and taking advantage of Europe’s expertise in this field, stressing that the region, which has a number of energy sources renewables, is a golden opportunity to export energy to the European market.

The MEFED conference brings together the highest representatives of governments, industry, academia and civil society and gives them the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas for a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply.

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