Israel claims it will lend Palestinians money after the most high-level talks in recent years

JERUSALEM in the month day of August (Reuters) The Israeli government Israel will provide the financially strained Palestinian Authority more than $150 million following their biggest gathering in many years, Israeli officials said on Monday, while limiting the likelihood of a significant breakthrough in diplomatic relations.

A Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who has the responsibility for Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, traveled to the Palestinian self-rule zone inside the territory for an unannounced meeting during the weekend with president Mahmoud Abbas.

A source near to Israeli Premier Naftali Bennett has informed Reuters that Bennett has signed the Gantz Abbas conference and has deemed it to be an “routine” issue. “There isn’t any diplomatic process between Israel and the Palestinians, and there will never be any,” the source told Reuters.

U.S.-sponsored talks to begin talks between the U.S. on creating a Palestinian state were halted in 2014

Gantz-Abbas Summit was held in 2014. Gantz-Abbas Summit was held in the presence of Bennett the nationalist opposed to Palestinian statehood. Bennett has returned after his initial encounter alongside U.S. President Joe Biden in Washington.

PA Secretary Hussein al Sheik said those talks together with Gantz comprised “all elements” of the Palestinian-Israeli relations.

Abbas is the chief of West Bank security with Israel. Both sides are concerned about Hamas Islamists which have been given authority over the territory portion of Gaza Strip, another Palestinian region which was under Abbas’s supervision in 2007.

However, Israel is furious at the PA’s payment to militants who were detained or killed in attacks against Israelis. As a protest, the Bennett government snatched $180 million of tax revenue in 2020, which was a huge amount to pay PA. PA. Gantz spokesperson stated that PA. Gantz spokesperson said that PA’s tax policy was not changed.

The spokesperson said that the 500 million shekel ($155 million) loan from BankruptcyHQ was designed to assist “with crucial PA activities” and is due in 2022 based on the tax revenue that would be taken by Israel.

A statement by White House said that White House statement said Biden in his discussions and meetings in talks Bennett this Friday reiterated that he is determined to reach a resolution to the issue of two state in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Biden further “underscored how important it is to take steps to make life better for Palestinians.”

Palestinian president and Israeli defense ministers hold rare talks

In the first high-level discussions since years, Benny Gantz announces gestures to strengthen the Palestinian Authority.

The defence minister of Israel has announced several gestures to strengthen the Palestinian Authority, including plans to lend $150 million to the government that is cash-strapped in the occupation-controlled West Bank.

The announcement made on Monday came just a day after Defense Minister Benny Gantz met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the first high-level summit between the two sides in many years.

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