Google employee who criticized Israel deal quits, alleging retaliation and culture of repression of pro-Palestinian staff

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A Google employee who spoke out against the company’s dealings with the Israeli military said on Tuesday she planned to quit because of what the tech giant had done to her.

Former Google employee Ariel Koren left the company after seven years last year. Head of product marketing for Google for Education, Koren helped convince Google to cancel a $1.2 billion contract with Amazon to provide cloud computing to the Israeli government.

Shortly after expressing her concerns, Koren said she was informed that her position was moving to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and that she had 17 days to relocate or be fired.

After all, that was said and done, she didn’t have to uproot herself as her new job would have allowed her to do remote work from her current location.

A Google representative said the company has a zero-tolerance policy on workplace retaliation. The complaint was examined by the National Labor Relations Board and ultimately dismissed.

Our investigation found no retribution here, as we repeatedly stated for several months after our full assessment of this employee’s claim, as we do whenever concerns are raised.

Koren and others formed a splinter organization that was uncensored by the Jewglers. After Israel killed hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza, Koren said Jewglers demanded Google’s support for Israel. She claimed the company’s executives, including CEO Sundar Pichai, eventually did.

The dissidents she got to write to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and the company complaining about pro-Israel bias within the Jewglers group were ignored.

“We believe Jewglers management is using its platform and leadership positions to champion an agenda that many Jews abhor,” they said.

Google employees were invited to electronically tour Hebron, an Israeli settlement in occupied Palestine. A Jewish worker asked if the tour would cover “ongoing Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians.”

His response was tagged for discrimination, harassment and intimidation, which Koren said was a “simple” message of solidarity for Palestinian human rights.

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