From Our Minds: How Richie Hawtin’s New Party Channels the Positive Power of Dance Music – Features

As the world shifted to a new paradigm through 2020, a distinct effort to raise awareness of underrepresented factions in businesses and industries around the world emerged. The world of music has been affected immeasurably, which is still evident until now. Clubs, festivals, promoters, agents and everyone involved in the community that forms the heart of electronic music took stock of our situation in terms of representation and inclusion, many of them reframing their vision to navigate the post-George Floyd world. The notion of inclusiveness, safe spaces, acceptance and unity is at the heart of dance music culture. It is universally accepted and understood that these key pillars are intrinsic to our music, but along the way they have been forgotten.

Righting the balance is now a clear agenda for many in influential positions in electronic music. Some have had to make a conscious effort to do so, while others develop and nurture pre-existing philosophies around inclusiveness. Which brings us to Of our minds, the next step in the evolution of Richie Hawtin’s lifelong commitment to advancing electronic music. As an artist with an unwavering propensity to reinvent the technosphere, Richie has maintained a visionary vision from the start, so it’s fascinating to see his latest mark arrive at this particular moment.

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In fact, From Our Minds predates the global change we have experienced. The first event was scheduled to take place in New York City in May 2020, with Richie hosting a line-up that reflects his inclusive vision. Featured artists included Charlotte de Witte, Octave One, Anastasia Kristensen, Claire 3000, Fadi Mohem, Lauren Lin, ONYVAA, Random and Veronica Vasicka to name a few. This balance between older and more established acts, as well as an equal distribution of men and women, has been present in his curation for some time. A quick overview of the list of artists related to his most famous concepts – Less and ENTER. – for example, reveals a constant desire to use one’s position to open the doors to future acts. Throughout his career, Richie has always sought to form a close alliance with the younger generation of techno enthusiasts.

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