Egyptian Supreme Council for Culture celebrates Egyptian-Chilean cultural ties

Flags of Egypt – Chile – Crossed Flag Pins

CAIRO – September 9, 2021: The Supreme Council for Culture, in cooperation with the Foreign Cultural Relations Sector, organized an evening entitled “Egypt & Chile – Cultural Relations”, as part of the Cultural Relations Initiative organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

The head of the Supreme Council for Culture, Hisham Azmy, began the evening by praising the Cultural Relations Initiative, stressing that this initiative confirms that Egypt has been and will continue to consider cultural relations with other countries as “precious”.

The initiative is entering its second year, where the first evening was held in September 2020, and today is the 23rd evening of the initiative.

Azmy explained that relations between Egypt and Chile date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Culturally, a number of Chilean theater companies participated in the Experimental Theater Festival in Egypt.

According to Azmy, Egypt helped establish the Center for Arab Studies at the University of Chile and funded exchange scholarships between the Ministries of Education and Higher Education of Egypt and Chile. . This is in addition to the many prospects for cooperation between the two countries, notably the movement to translate Egyptian literature into Spanish.

The Chilean Ambassador to Egypt Pablo Arriaran spoke about the history of Chile and its geographical location, dominated by the desert as in Egypt.

Arriaran explained that Chile comprises a number of different climates and that like most countries in Latin America, immigrants live alongside indigenous peoples, clarifying the presence of immigrants from the Middle East, mostly from Palestine. , then from Jordan and Syria, where there are 450,000 Chileans of Palestinian origin, according to Arriaran.

He further pointed out that Chile had two Nobel laureates in literature, the poet Gabriela Mistral in 1945 and the poet Pablo Neruda in 1971.

The Chilean Ambassador said that relations between Egypt and Chile began in the twenties of the last century, and underlined the bilateral cooperation between the two countries in international organizations.

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