20 Hilarious Gen Z Memes That Sum Up The Cultural Divide

Generation Z is the newest group of individuals moving the world forward. Widely recognized as being born between 1995 and 2012, these people are the future. They were born into a very different world than other generations, like millennials and older baby boomers. Most think Gen Z has it easy. They live in a world where technology has never been more accessible. Everything they could possibly want is close at hand. In saying this, they also address climate change, the rising cost of living, and a planet on the brink of World War III. Luckily, they have a good sense of humor, as these Gen Z memes illustrate.

It’s no surprise that the first memes appeared during the early years of Gen Z. With the internet and social media becoming huge, memes are all the rage today. Anything controversial or funny turns into a meme within hours. Many of these memes poke fun at Gen Z and the other generations that came before them.

So if you want to laugh at the expense of Gen Z and the cultural divide between them and other generations, read on.

1. Doesn’t matter


This hilarious meme uses star wars characters to show how little Gen Z cares. As baby boomers and millennials struggle to survive, Gen Z might care what’s going on. A very relevant pop culture influenced meme.

2. Do you have the new egg carton?



Gen Z humor at its finest. It’s definitely a meme that the older generation won’t understand.

3. The price of strawberries



While baby boomers and millennials have their own issues to deal with, it’s the cost of strawberries that’s impacting Gen Z. It’s a tough time for the younger generation.

4. How fashion changed



This is an apt meme illustrating the fashion differences between Millennials and Gen Z.

5. Who blames TikTok?



TikTok is one of the social media platforms that the Gen Zer generation loves. But many wonder if it made us a little dumber, as this funny TikTok meme discusses. Extra points for using Office.

6. Vlad the Inhaler



Here’s some classic Gen Z humor. Vlad the Impaler as Vlad the Inhaler. To find?

7. Penis shaped traffic lights are fun

The humorous Boomer/Millennial/Gen Z meme provides good laughs. While baby boomers hate their wives and millennials hate their lives, Gen Z finds humor in penis-shaped traffic lights.

8. When Anakin turned to the dark side


cheese burger

When you confuse Palpatine with Palestine. A little Gen Z humor for you here.

9. Expectation versus reality



This is a pretty accurate description of what happens when men post gym pics. The brothers love it.

10. The middle group



While Gen Z is happy to poke fun at those who came before them, spare a thought for Gen X. This age bracket is wedged between baby boomers and millennials. Times are tough for Generation X.

11. The Humor Difference



One of the big differences between Gen Z and other generations is what they find funny. As this meme shows, a dumb Harry Potter pun is what they find funny, as opposed to a well-structured joke.

12. Okay Boomer



The “Ok Boomer” meme has become one of Gen Z’s favorite ways to silence the older generation. One of the best incorporates the phrase Ok Boomer into another meme, known as the “Woman Shouting at Cat” meme.

13. Fight! Struggle!



Take a classic scene from The Simpsonsthis meme features Gen Z urging baby boomers and millennials to fight back as they bet on the outcome.

14. The Gen Z Starter Pack



It’s gold meme. It contains many funny jokes, including references to Pokemon, Minecraftand the baby boomer generation.

15. The Generation of Nihilism



While Gen Z tries to save the planet, Gen X just wants to watch the world burn.

16. Modern Snow Blower



This is how Gen Z goes about cleaning snow off the road.

17. I did it for the memes



Elon Musk is trying to fit in with the younger generation by making meme jokes on Twitter.

18. The New Gordon Ramsey



Young people today have a different view of cooking. The microwave is Gen X’s best friend in the kitchen.

19. Change age

When Millennials get tired of being called old and try to pass themselves off as Gen Zers.

20. Let’s do this!


Shubham Kumar Nath/Utkal today

Sometimes Millennials want to feel young again and will do whatever it takes. Let’s burn this corrupt system to the ground!

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